Google Secret Interview Process

This a great story about Google secret interviewing process. Google is getting more and more like a big multinational company, but ideas like this always keep live the faith that they are still a bit different + they still keep up to their orignal personality: Ten things we know to be true

So let see this totally crazy, but super engaging story – click here for the full article.

One morning, while working on a project, I Googled “python lambda function list comprehension.” The familiar blue links appeared, and I started to look for the most relevant one.

But then something unusual happened.

The search results split and folded back to reveal a box that said “You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?”

I stared at the screen. What? After a moment, I decided yes, I was most definitely up for a challenge.


Source: The Hustle

Data Porn about how Mobile is Changing Everything

Nice presentation from Andreesen Horowitz team about how mobile is changing everything. YES THEY ARE RIGHT :)

We’ve shared a lot of data about whether and why ‘this time is different’. But beyond that, why is the tech market opportunity larger than any time in history (no, really!)? One word: mobile.


And the presentation:

Co-Creation with Customers

Interesting article from HBR, investigating the possibilities in co-creation through a couple of real life examples: Apple, Lending Club, AriBnB.

Today, however, by exploiting new digital technologies, firms like Apple, Lending Club, and AirBnB have made customer co-creation of value central to their business models and in doing so now rank among the world’s most innovative and valuable firms. Our research indicates that companies that make their customers partners, and share the value created, lead the pack on revenue growth, profit margins, capital efficiency, and enterprise value. We call these companies Network Orchestrators. By leveraging customer networks and their tangible (e.g. homes and cars) and intangible (e.g. expertise and relationships) assets, firms can gain these advantages of the Network Orchestration business model.

Source: HBR

Customer Experience Bookshelf

Besides the real life experience one of the good ways to learn about customer experience is to read as much as possible (this is not valid only for CX:)).

I often receive the question which books I suggest to read, to make my life easier I made this bookshelf so I only have to send one link.

Take some time and visit the site and read some of the great books!

Customer experience books

Real differentiation should make the customer pay more!

Interesting test was made by BOLT, they investigated what is the real total “manufacturing” cost of a Beats headphone and how this compares to the market price.

So the difference is 182,11 dollars, which is quite a big difference compared to the market price: 1178%

I think Beats made a great job and this example clearly shows that they were able to differentiate on the market! I am only  speaking about differentiation when consumers are willing to pay more money for the same think. I am so -so super tired with all this bullshit differentiation you can see on the market, when the CEO of an absolute boring company speaks how successfully they will differentiate on the market!

The measure is clear for everyone, my differentiation formula: differentiation = willing to pay more!


I estimate that the COGS without labor or shipping is $16.89 – yet Beats is able to successfully retail these headphones for $199+. This is the power of brand; Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine have leveraged their personal backgrounds and a sleek design to launch a remarkable brand that’s become fundamental to music pop culture.

Source: BOLT

CX Music

Nothing to do strictly with customer experience, but I love this new version of the song Ain’t Nobody. I hope you will all like it and then it has some secondary connection to CX :)

Video call centre from Samsung

Great – great activity and commercial from Samsung! They developed a video call centre for people with hearing loss, so they are also abel to communicate with Samsung help line.

Besides the fact that Samsung is giving back to the society with this activity, this is really a good positioning and finally a working use case for the some many times tried video call centre.

IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture

This is really awesome, I hope come as fast as possible!

More info: Ikea

ikea2 ikea1Source: IKEA


The Expert :)

Haha :), how many times I felt this way……

Some Friday entertainment, new for me.

Vogue and Jony Ive

Inspiring interview with Jony Ive from the Vogue. The article really made me think about multinational culture and about the so often observable failure in innovation.

In the clutter of contemporary culture, where hits and likes threaten to overtake content in value, the purity of an idea takes on increasing currency. “I think now more than ever it’s important to be clear, to be singular,” he says, “and to have a perspective, one you didn’t generate as the result of doing a lot of focus groups.” Developing concepts and creating prototypes leads to “fascinating conversations” with his team, says Ive. “It’s a process I’ve been practicing for decades, but I still have the same wonder.”

Source: The Vogue