Ultimate Customer Experience Video Collection

A good starting point if you need customer experience videos for inspiration or for presentation (this is an automatically generated Customer Experience Video collection by Youtube, but it is quite OK).

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You are Awesome

Hmmm, pretty great gift, super idea. Designed by Jessica Hische, click here to order it.


Source: Jessica Hische

Pure UX results to credit card loss…

I had the chance to spend some time in the Netherlands (awesome place by the way!) where I came across the following parking machine.

The sign at the bottom was so confusing, that I thought I have to put the parking ticket and the credit card the same place (there are machines like that)……rest you can imagine!


Flight Booking Improvements

New type of  interface design from Virgin America, but unfortunately only for the first couple of screens than everything gets a bit dizzy again.  I think Virgin really get the flow for the first three questions (where, when, …etc.), but the rest is not so well elaborated.

Check it out it is still in beta phase:  https://beta.virginamerica.com/ 



Interesting discussion on the  <re/code> conference with Jimmy Iovine (ex Beats) and Eddy Cue (Apple).

Iovine speaks about how the experience chain of listening music became disrupted in the last couple of years, how at Beast they try to bring back the right way of listening, the right “sequence” of listening music.

I think Iovine is targeting the topic from the right point, he puts the customer in the centre  of the development process,  you can see that he feels the customer. Looking fwd. what comes out from the joint work with Apple.

Watch the video to make you own opinion:

Something amazing from Google….

Watch this video, I love that Google puts a lot of money in R&D and they really drive innovation, regardless it brings money immediately or not ( ex.: Google Glass, Internet Balloons, …etc.)

Customer Journey Mapping the Stanford Style

Nice video describing the journey mapping tool as part of your design process – via D.School Stanford.

Journey Map from Stanford d.school on Vimeo.

The High Price of Customer Satisfaction

Very interesting article from the MIT Sloan magazine, about the super frequently asked question: does customer experience really improve the financial performance?

They do not only investigate this question, but they do give some tips -tricks on how you can manage better customer experience in order to deliver the financial results as well.

In order to read the full article you need to register, but MIT Sloan provides a free subscription plan, in which you can read 2 articles / month for free. I think it is worth while to burden one of your free passes on this article.

“Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.” That business promise has been made to consumers since 1875, when Montgomery Ward used it to differentiate his mail-order catalog from other retailers. Commitment to customer satisfaction is now a vow many businesses make. It is common to find mission statements and marketing plans that specifically address customer satisfaction; compensation systems that incorporate satisfaction metrics into their bonus criteria; and advertisements that trumpet customer satisfaction awards.

Customer satisfaction has become the most widely used metric in companies’ efforts to measure and manage customer loyalty.1 The assumption is simple and intuitive: Highly satisfied customers are good for business.

However, the reality has not proven nearly so simple….

Source: MIT Sloan Magazine


Customer Journey Mapping and the Government

I do not really know what is the background behind this, how this happened, but to make the long story short, I still find it amazing that Google first page result about Customer Journey Mapping is pointing to a UK Government site.

What is even better, that the guide you find there is a really great, slim, minimalistic customer journey approach.

While in large multinational, profit oriented organizations it is a big-big effort to introduce the method and get people engaged with it, in contrast you just simple find on a government site such a cool, practical description and template.

Click here for the Customer Journey description and here for the template.

Thumbs up for the Government Communication Service!

Source: Government Communication Service

Other articles about Customer Journey Mapping on Significantfeelings.com:

Price is not always a good story…

This is not valid for every situation, but in some case defiantly true. I will come soon with a longer session about prices.