Video call centre from Samsung

Great – great activity and commercial from Samsung! They developed a video call centre for people with hearing loss, so they are also abel to communicate with Samsung help line.

Besides the fact that Samsung is giving back to the society with this activity, this is really a good positioning and finally a working use case for the some many times tried video call centre.

IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture

This is really awesome, I hope come as fast as possible!

More info: Ikea

ikea2 ikea1Source: IKEA


The Expert :)

Haha :), how many times I felt this way……

Some Friday entertainment, new for me.

Vogue and Jony Ive

Inspiring interview with Jony Ive from the Vogue. The article really made me think about multinational culture and about the so often observable failure in innovation.

In the clutter of contemporary culture, where hits and likes threaten to overtake content in value, the purity of an idea takes on increasing currency. “I think now more than ever it’s important to be clear, to be singular,” he says, “and to have a perspective, one you didn’t generate as the result of doing a lot of focus groups.” Developing concepts and creating prototypes leads to “fascinating conversations” with his team, says Ive. “It’s a process I’ve been practicing for decades, but I still have the same wonder.”

Source: The Vogue

Boosting interactions by making them more pleasurable!

Great advertisment idea from SMART, to promote safety.  That pedestrians also need to stop at red light! It is an other question how can we make this idea sustainable and turn it to something that can help day by day.


Design Kit

Good resource from IDEO about Design Thinking not just a general overview, but they provide also several practical workshop techniques.

I would also add to the Hearing session customer journey mapping and different shadowing techniques, I find these tools very helpful.

All in on all thumbs up for IDEO, I really like this approach that they share their knowledge & experience with the wider audience!

Click here to jump to the Design Kit website, here to directly go to the Tool Kit section.


Ultimate Customer Experience Video Collection

A good starting point if you need customer experience videos for inspiration or for presentation (this is an automatically generated Customer Experience Video collection by Youtube, but it is quite OK).

Click here to go to the channel.


Pure UX results to credit card loss…

I had the chance to spend some time in the Netherlands (awesome place by the way!) where I came across the following parking machine.

The sign at the bottom was so confusing, that I thought I have to put the parking ticket and the credit card the same place (there are machines like that)……rest you can imagine!


Flight Booking Improvements

New type of  interface design from Virgin America, but unfortunately only for the first couple of screens than everything gets a bit dizzy again.  I think Virgin really get the flow for the first three questions (where, when, …etc.), but the rest is not so well elaborated.

Check it out it is still in beta phase: