Interview with Simon Sinek about fruits of good leadership

Exciting interview done by Debbie Millman with Simon Sinek as part of the Design Matters podcast series.

Everything you always wanted to know about Customer Journey Mapping!

Super overview deck about customer journey mapping from the founders of Samply.

Really great to see how the topic of customer journey mapping is getting more and more popular and widespread, the below material also nicely reflects this development.

Earlier CJM was just a simple tool mostly used by designers to map the interaction of the customers with a products / service. Today we have several different versions, we are doing employee journeys, stakeholder journey, we add different internal process related dimensions, impossible to count how many different ways journeys are used nowadays. We are leaving a customer journey revolution :)

Anyway check the slideshare deck below from Marc Stickdorn, really nice summary on Customer Journey Mapping.

Some previous articles on the Customer Journey mapping topic:

Samsung Safety Truck

In Argetinatina almost 1 person dies in a car accident everyday, Samsung had an idea how to make traffic a bit safer.

Nice marketing idea, combination of technology and giving back to society, not solving the problem, but looks effective in drawing the attention on the problem.

CX Webinar by KPMG Nunwood

An interesting webinar (looks free, but not sure about this) from KMPG about what is the current situation / level of customer experience in the Telecommunication market -special focus on the UK market.

The webinar will take place Thursday 5th November 12.00pm, if you like it you can check the registration page by clicking here!

KPMG PMG Nunwood’s Customer Experience Excellence Centre recently surveyed the UK market, drawing on over 10,000 consumer interviews to evaluate 272 brands. The research revealed the telecoms industry faces something of a customer crisis, with slight, but near universal declines in the UK CEE analysis, from an already weak position.

The increasing sophistication of the product, coupled with forthcoming M&A activity, will spell either opportunities for new customer success or deeper challenges for an uncertain sector. The UK CEE revealed:

  • Telecoms is now ranked 9th of all industries included in the 2015 UK CEE, ahead of only utilities and the public sector
  • Most major telecoms brands are in decline
  • Customer experience investments in telecoms are not creating consistent value

Join us for this exclusive webinar to learn more about the telecoms industry’s performance and find out where telecoms brands should be investing to improve their customer experience.

Source: KPMG Nunwood

Invoice Experience

Short film by Delahoyde Projects about invoices. It is a fantastic satire about the topic how do big multinational companies produce & process invoices. This whole film is just so true and funny!

Killer customer engagement by Emirates!

Really great move from Emirates, that´s how you can combine sponsoring and customer engagement!

Driving team performance

Great idea and solution from Nudge Rewards, how to engage and inform employees.

The smartphone application designed by Nudge enables a fast transfer of information to all employees in simple and conviente way (push notifications). You can easily reach all employees send new informations to them, send out surveys, create contest and design different sales improvement programs.

For more info visit the website of Nudge Reward.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 20.47.34

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 20.37.43

Source: Nudge Rewards


70% of the Mercedes US employees have never driven an actual Mercedes Car

Quite interesting insight from the CEO of Mercedes US, about how low is the actual experience of the Mercedes emplyees with the product that they are selling.

Candle holder that puts out the flame automatically

Great design & user experience from Lars Beller’s , the candle holder puts out the flame automatically when the candle burns down to a certain point.

Great UX to decrease littering

Great idea from London, how to decrease littering with a simple idea. Not just decreasing littering, but also doing it in a fun way, that the users are entertained while they are doing the activity.

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