Weekend reading – The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty

A new book from Carmine Gallo about the Apple experience. He deep dives in his book into the Apple retail experience and outlines the techniques, methods used by Apple to train the employees to satisfy customers and ensure re-purchase.

 Apple Stores earn more money per square foot than any other retailer. At the core of Apple’s success and intense customer loyalty, however, aren’t just “Insanely Great” products, but great people who are informed, empowered, and motivated to deliver an unbeatable customer experience. In The Apple Experience, internationally bestselling author Carmine Gallo details the principles and practices behind this total commitment to the customer and explains how your brand can achieve outstanding results by delivering this same high standard of service.

Carmine Gallo interviewed professionals at all levels who have studied Apple, and he spent hundreds of hours observing the selling floor in Apple’s retail space and learning about Apple’s vision and philosophy. Using insights and data from these sources, he breaks down Apple’s customercentric model to provide an action plan with three distinct areas of focus…

Source: Amazon.com

You can buy the book on Amazon.com in Hardcover (16.50 USD) or Kindle format (16.88 USD).

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