Insights about Disney Consulting Service

Great article from New York Times about the consulting service of Disney (see also earlier article on SF about Disney Institute) , today this branch of Disney Corporation is getting bigger and bigger giving advice for schools, hospitals, airline companies, …etc.

The article is full with useful insights and provides a good picture about Disney Consulting service, where they stand today, how large is this part of their business.

Revenue from the Disney Institute has doubled over the last three years, according to Disney, powered in part by its aggressive pursuit of new business. Over the last two years alone, 300 school systems across the country have sought its advice.

Other clients range from very large entities — Häagen-Dazs International, United Airlines, the country of South Africa — to small ones: three Subway restaurants in Maine, a Michigan hair salon, a Boston youth-counseling center.

Source: NYT

Some first-hand insight from Mr.  Jeff James (he runs Disney’s consulting branch), about the reasons behind the increase in experience based consulting service:

Mr. James said the up-and-down economy had put pressure on companies to pay more attention to consumers’ needs. He also cited the importance of the Web, which “gives unhappy customers a megaphone.”

Source: NYT