Hologram will guide travelers at New York city airport!?

Usage of hologram technology is becoming more and more popular in the entertainment industry, just two famous example:

  • The whole internet was loud about the thing happened on the Coachella, that Tupac “rebirthed” with the help of a highly developed hologram technology. Watch the video.
  • Last year Deutsche Telekom was using the technology to make a Maria Carey concert simultaneously in 5 European towns. Watch the video.

After that in entertainment industry holograms are more and more frequently used travel industry is making also the first trials.

From July in New York city airport an female avatar will help the travelers to find the right gate, the nearest restroom, …etc.

The virtual worker is projected on a pane of glass that was given the figure of a woman.

This is the first time this technology will be used at an airport in North America, according to the Port Authority.

She was designed to improve customer service, Port Authority officials said — and she does not need lunch or bathroom breaks or overtime pay.

Source: MyFoxny